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We want to help you set realistic goals towards a healthier, fitter you while also creating a plan that is comprehensive and easy to stick to and that holds you accountable. We have world class athletes and coaches at our disposal to help with your training and fitness plan and goals, all with medically backed services and information. Please take a look at the ancillary services that we can provide to you in addition to coaching and training plans and nutrition consultation to make this your best year yet!

Mental Health Services: We have just recently added mental health services to our quiver of services, which we are really excited about. With the addition of Kathy Napoli, LCSW, we can now effectively address the mental health issues that are affecting our communities. Kathy is also instrumental in caring for our post-concussion and post-surgical patients.

Massage Therapy: Tricia Shaddell, LMT joined our team in 2017. In the past she has worked closely with surgeons and sports medicine physicians through massage and stretching routines, so she suits us well. In addition to general relaxation massage, Tricia will focus on sports massage and post-surgery recovery.

Ancillary Services 3Basic Training Schedule: Work with one of our gO coaches one-on-one to design a training schedule that fits your goals, your lifestyle, your fitness level and what YOU want to gain from a fitness program. Training schedules can be designed to have weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly check ins; whatever you need. Not in the Crested Butte/Gunnison area? No problem! We can tailor a program to work with your location and set up remote training schedules using our Training Peaks program.

Body Composition Analysis: With this service, we will measure the amount of fat versus lean muscle tissue as a percentage of your total weight. This can help  us design the best exercise  and nutrition plan for you.

Ancillary Services 1Heart Rate Zones: We’ve all heard of heart rate zones, but really understanding your personal target zones in training is an easy and practical way to measure your exercise intensity and meet your fitness goals. Let our coaches help you determine your target heart rate zones so that we can utilize heart rate zone training techniques in your workouts.

VO2 Max Testing: VO2 Max is the peak oxygen usage of an athlete at maximum exercise and is a great indicator of one’s aerobic fitness. Athletes with higher VO2 Max values can tolerate higher exercise intensity and volume than those whose VO2 Max indicate lower levels of conditioning. Athletes with higher VO2 can also recover from aerobic work more efficiently. VO2 Max can be INCREASED by workout intensities at specific sub-max VO2 percentages. Sound confusing? Let us help you reach your fitness goals by testing your VO2 Max, giving us the ability to to design a fitness program that will help you to increase your levels for improved performance outcomes.

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Hemoglobin Testing: Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen to your body’s organs and tissues. If you have low iron levels, you produce fewer red blood cells, and your hemoglobin levels decrease, resulting in less oxygen  being transported to your muscles, therefore weakening your performance abilities.  Testing your hemoglobin levels can help us create a nutrition program that makes sure that you are getting enough iron in your diet to meet your body’s needs before, during and after physical activity.

Ancillary Services 4Gait Analysis: A gait analysis allows us to evaluate your sport specific walking, jumping, running, and general stride patterns. Abnormal gait patterns and muscle imbalances can lead to foot, knee, hip or back disorders and poor sports performance. By evaluating your gait, we can help you focus on minor or major adjustments that could lead to stronger performances, as well as simply making an active lifestyle more comfortable and enjoyable.

Cross Training: Adding different types of training into your fitness routine can be extremely beneficial for both performance outcomes and for injury prevention. Adding variety to your training allows the muscles used in the primary sport to rest and recuperate and strengthens opposing muscles, which builds more stability around the joints and can result in more power from a more balanced stride or pedal stroke.

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Strength and Conditioning: Strength and conditioning programs are a great way to begin a fitness programs, as well as being extremely important for athletes looking to optimize their performance. We can guide you in any level of strength and conditioning programs, catered to anyone who is just getting started with a fitness regiment to professional athletes. Strength and conditioning programs can increase power and strength, alter your body composition, improve cardiovascular conditioning, as well as help with injury prevention or recovery.


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