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“We don’t feel shame over having to go to physical therapy for a stress fracture- why should we feel any different about allowing time and treatment to heal anxiety or depression?” – Chapter One, Mind, Body, and Sport.


Kathy Napoli, LCSW

Kathy Napoli, originally from the Chicago suburbs was always drawn to Colorado after many childhood road trips with her family to the Rocky Mountains. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from DePaul University, she packed up her jeep and drove west to attend graduate school at the University of Denver. In 2001, with her Master’s Degree in Social Work, she began to recognize a gap for many people in both psychical and mental services. Kathy dedicated two years to helping others access and attain health insurance through a School Medicaid Program which ensured all children had coverage in Colorado. Kathy never gave up her dream of getting to a mountain town, and in 2004 Kathy and her husband, Jason, purchased a condo in Crested Butte. They visited for many long weekends where she began to understand the tremendous strengths as well as the growing needs of the valley. She returned to the University of Denver in 2006 and earned a Post graduate certificate in Trauma and Response. Kathy made her dream of living in a mountain town come true when she moved to Crested Butte full-time in 2009. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), she has over 15 years of mental health experience in a variety of settings including medical social work supervision, school social work within the public education setting, and private practice.

Most recently, Kathy has worked as a Mental Health Therapist at Western State Colorado State University (WSCU). At WSCU, Kathy continued to bring her expertise and passion in mental health care to students and staff but realized another area of importance; the physical and mental health needs of the athlete. Kathy is a champion for integrated health care and believes that the mind and body need to be treated together for optimal wellness. Kathy embraced the mission to help athletes integrate physical and mental health to reach optimal performance and enjoyment in their sport and life activities. In addition, Kathy has been an advocate for the Traumatic Brain Injury community and spoken at the Brain Strong Conference.

Kathy brings a Solution Focused Modality to working with her clients that is directed toward developing and achieving the client’s vision of solutions. Kathy currently lives in Crested Butte South with her husband, Jason, and two boys Enzo and Giovanni. She enjoys running, skiing, biking, writing, and traveling in her free time.

Examples of services offered with Kathy through Griggs Orthopedics include:
• Individual Consultation Sessions to manage anxiety, tension, performance blocks/slumps
• Treating anxiety, depression, disordered eating, aggression or anger, substance use, etc.
• Improving focus and dealing with distractions
• Increasing confidence and coping skills to manage setbacks, injuries.
• Managing Post Concussive Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injuries.
• Building a healthy belief system and identifying irrational thoughts
• Improving or balancing motivation for optimal performance

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